Introducing a global program for super users of HCL Connections  

By Maria Nordin | 1/14/21 9:50 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

There are lots of initiatives to connect people who work with HCL Connections. But none targeted directly to super users of HCL Connections within organisations. Heitkamp & Thumann is using HCL Connections as their collaboration platform, and they have for a while been running a ‘guide’ (super user) program with good results. From their experience with running this initiative they would like to explore what options there are to bring together their guides with guides, champions, super users from other programs. Maybe to just have someone sit in on one of their (virtual) meetings to have some exchange of thoughts or to talk about the challenges they run into when trying to get their colleagues to expand their usage of the platform and maybe just to exchange some tips & tricks. All ideas are open and welcome.