Connections Desktop Plugins Password Save Policy  

By Christoph Stoettner | 12/7/21 2:38 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

During the latest automated deployment of the HCL Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft™ Windows™ , I had issues activating the Password Save Policy. We wanted to disable the option that users can save passwords. The documentation tells us, that the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\IBM\Social Connectors\Settings\Password Save Policy needs to be set to 1 to achieve this. Sadly this does not work, and I remembered, that I investigated this error already some years ago.

Expired certificate on your Kubernetes environment  

By Martijn de Jong | 12/7/21 2:36 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Normally a Kubernetes environment is well maintained and regularly updated with the most recent versions of Kubernetes. However, with a Kubernetes environment that is just used a an HCL Connections Component pack installation, this might not be on your radar and it’s easy to let it just run attended. If you do that for too long though, like longer than one year, you’ll get into trouble

Highlights as start page hides the Community overview  

By Christoph Stoettner | 11/19/21 1:47 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Connections 7 creates the Community Highlights page automatically and sets it as the start page for new communities. That’s configured in the highway service, which is available for administrative users on https://your_connections_url/connections/config/highway.main.gatekeeper.tiles So far so good, the community menu looks way cleaner, until today I haven’t thought about this.

HCL Connections switch to allowlists  

By Christoph Stoettner | 11/19/21 1:44 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

How to add additional allowlist rules to HCL Connections A long time ago, I wrote about the new implementation of allowlists in HCL Connections and that the documentation on customization and adding new rules was an absolute miracle for me. I haven’t implemented allowlists at any customer at the moment, because the first tries in 2018 were horrible. Even formats from the builtin editors got deleted during the save procedure. During test deployments I often start with enabled allowlists, but later I always switch back to blocklists. For a support ticket I had to check some settings today, and so I tried with enabled allowlist and blocklist. This let me remember the old blog post and I wanted to check if custom rules can be added now.

HCL Connections - how customize user invite theme  

By Matteo Bisi | 11/16/21 6:02 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

HCL Connections is a customizable product, using the traditional way with " <CNX-CUSTOMIZATION-DIR> " or using customizer. During this days we are working on an upgrade to version 7 where the whole cnx theme it was supposed to be customized in red even the Invite guest After some test without the result , because the HCL documentation was not updated (invite application is NOT mentioned even reading version 7.0 doc) we have found the correct path in a css comment ....