Domino v 12 brings back Domino OSGi Tasklet Service (DOTS)  

By Ulrich Krause | 4/26/21 2:57 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Domino 12 brings back DOTS. The feature was removed for an unclear reason in v 10. I had created a new idea in the HCL #dominoforever Product Ideas Portal on 26-MAR-2019. Barely 2 years later, DOTS is back. The first version was available in Domino v 12 Beta3 codedrop. It was not exactly, what I expected, and I had some discussion with Thomas Hampel and HCL Development.

HCL Domino 12 – Active Directory Password Sync (Part 2)  

By Ulrich Krause | 4/18/21 3:10 PM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

During my tests with HCL Domino 12 Beta2 I ran into a couple of issues where the Active Directory Password Sync did not work as expected. The problems are not caused by the beta code. However, I am writing down my observations here, since the errors may also appear later in a productive environment. Maybe my lines will save one or the other a long search.

HCL Domino 12 – Active Directory Password Sync  

By Ulrich Krause | 4/7/21 6:05 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Active Directory Password Sync applies the Windows passwords of users registered in an Active Directory domain to their Domino HTTP and/or Notes ID passwords. To setup and configure Active Directory Password Sync, you need at least 2 Domino v12 servers. One server acts as Request Creator and the other one has the role Request Processor.