Medium-Term Ways to Improve XPages IBM Champion 

By Jesse Gallagher | 8/29/19 1:06 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

Following up on my jeremiad the other day, I've been thinking about some of the short- to medium-term ways that XPages could be improved. I'm not fully sold on the idea that it should be massively improved in-place due to some of the systemic decisions and the general goal of future-proofing.

What Makes XPages "Not Modern"? IBM Champion 

By Jesse Gallagher | 8/25/19 10:43 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

A big part of figuring out how to move past XPages is discussing what makes it no longer modern in the first place. Some of these reasons will be gimmes - out-of-date or outright-missing features - while some will be less about what XPages is strictly capable of and instead more about how XPages development and deployment works.

Converting Tycho Projects to maven-bundle-plugin, Initial Phase IBM Champion 

By Jesse Gallagher | 8/23/19 1:02 AM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by John Oldenburger

To date, Tycho has been my tool of choice for developing Domino-targeted Maven projects. However, it's not without protest.. Unlike most Maven plugins, Tycho inserts itself at the very start of the build process and takes over dependency management. Purely in Maven, you can use normal Maven dependencies.