Replication / Save Conflict of Itself 

By Paul Withers | 9/19/18 9:17 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

For a while now I’ve been niggled by a quirk that I couldn’t understand the cause of. In one application, which uses a lot of local replicas and has been in use for many years, I occasionally had calls about documents that had “disappeared”. In each occasion I tracked them down as conflicts.

Domino logging to Syslog 

By Darren Duke | 9/19/18 7:53 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

So you have Domino. And you have a syslog server where everything except Domino is logged to. You want Domino to play along with everything else. What can you do? For starters there is this event handler type in events4.nsf. But in typical IBM fashion the documentation for the above is practically non-existent on how this works.

Support Flash Alert: iOS 12 native Mail app authentication issue with session based authenticaiton 

By Daniel Nashed | 9/19/18 5:19 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

There is a support flash for an issue with iOS 12 with the native mail app. Before this change in iOS 12 a wrong configuration did not impact the user for normal operations. There have been only issues when the password was changed. Mobile devices cannot handle forms based authentication.

IBM Champion Nominations are NOW Open 

By Libby Ingrassia | 9/19/18 2:40 AM | Community - Events / People | Added by John Oldenburger

Nominations are NOW Open The nomination period for IBM Champions will run from 17 September through 22 October this year. Yes, it's a bit earlier. We are trying to ensure that newly selected IBM Champions will have the opportunity to get to Think with the Champion discount.

My slides of my session at IconUK and more 

By Frank van der Linden | 9/15/18 7:39 AM | App Dev - Web | Added by Oliver Busse

The slides of my session I gave at IconUK 2018 in Birmingham. And I include also a Springboot starter project, to give the developer a head start

Adminlicious – My Favourite TCO Features in Domino 10 

By Gabriella Davis | 9/14/18 2:17 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

This is my presentation from Icon UK on Thursday 13th September. There are lots of TCO features coming in Domino 10 that I’ve been working with and look forward to putting into production. In this presentation I cover things like cluster symmetry, pre send mail checking, deletion logs and the newrelic statistics reporting.

My Favorites from #Domino2025 Product Ideas 

By Serdar Basegmez | 9/10/18 10:58 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

As Domino v10 launch time approaching, great ideas are being accumulated in product ideas forum. If you have not contributed in yet, it's not too late. Vote some ideas and even better, add yours and advertise them to get more vote.

When / How / What To Upgrade #Perfect10 Priorities and Dependencies 

By Gabriella Davis | 9/7/18 2:14 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

When / How / What To Upgrade #Perfect10 Priorities and Dependencies. In this 8th episode of my #Perfect10 webcast I look at why understanding priorities and depenencies are an important part of planning an upgrade. Next Up: Estimating Work Effort & Downtime.

Accessing the IDVAULT with LotusScript 

By Ulrich Krause | 9/6/18 7:16 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

NotesIdVault and NotesUserId are new classes as of IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP9. These classes provide a representation of the secure storage facility for UserIDs that may be configured for Domino by policy. The classes are also available in Java and JavaScript. As a developer you are now able to access the IDVAULT programmatically.

Things to know with JavaScript – JSON, let, const, and arrows 

By Tim Davis | 9/3/18 3:54 PM | App Dev - Web | Added by Oliver Busse

While we eagerly await the arrival of the npm domino-db module with Domino 10, I thought I would spend this instalment of my blog series on Node.js talking a little about some concepts in JavaScript that are used a lot in Node development.

Run 2 instances of Watson Workspace on Mac 

By Wannes Rams | 8/31/18 5:40 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

I have multiple IBM id’s, multiple Watson Workspace accounts and that are only the ones that have real information in them, not the test ones. Having to log out and log in all the time is a pain. You can of course run the app with 1 account and then run another one in the browser. But I like using the app better. So I found a way to run multiple instances on my Mac (it’s not perfect, but it’s better than the alternative)

Quick Domino Tip: Prevent Domino Feature Pack Install Failures 

By John Oldenburger | 8/29/18 2:28 PM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Yesterday I tried to upgrade our Domino test environment from Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 to Domino 9.0.1. Feature Pack 10. The installation started without any problems but at the end of the upgrade an error message appeared, Can't rename old nsd.exe: access problem. The upgrade to Domino 9.0.1. Feature Pack 10 failed.

Domino V10: Behind the Beta 

By Thomas Hampel | 8/29/18 5:39 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Last week we took a big step in our journey towards IBM Domino V10 by releasing Beta 2 — inviting the broader dev community to help bring back Domino, better than ever. Over the past month, members of the Beta 1 program have had the opportunity to explore the latest version of IBM Domino Server, IBM Domino Designer, and the IBM Notes Client. The testers were able to see improvements to the revised workspace, self-healing clusters, extended database limits, and more.

Getting started with the new Domino Query Language (DQL) 

By Oliver Busse | 8/22/18 10:19 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

During the beta 2 period of Domino V10 I dabbled around with DQL for the first time. I already saw what you can do in a video and screenshots that were made during the HCL factory tour. The first throw of this new feature is not complete of course, you currently cannot utilize it in your coding in LotusScript or Java.